The Agile Mood
The mood that gets people in flow

The positive mood

Create a Passionate Culture

We’ll help you to mobilize the minds and spirit of the people who work for you.

Elevate your team’s outlook and cultivate their emotional intelligence.

It’s like a wellness program to improve the mood of your company.

Your company will grow and your people will:

  • develop healthier, growth-focused mindsets
  • create an clear sense of possibilities
  • leverage their emotions instead of falling prrey to them,
  • have one another’s backs to create a surge of confidence and trust,
  • create a positive influence on each other’s thoughts, feelings, behaviors and attitudes
Upward Spirals of Engagement
Emotional Agility
Emotional agility sets the stage for creative contribution. When you gloss over emotions, you miss a vital part of what makes people tick.  You set yourself up for bad moods.

Bad moods affect employee satisfaction and lead to negative outcomes.  Negativity is the cause of poor performance, burnout, silos, turnover and hard measures such as financial performance and absenteeism.

Positive moods are consistently associated with better performance, quality, and customer service—in all industries, in all roles and in every level of every organization.

Our emotions arise from our “critter brain,” the primitive limbic area of the brain.  The critter brain’s prime concern is safety.

It constant scans the environment to assure our safety.  It stays on high alert for both physical threats and perceived slights, always ready to “fight, flee or freeze.”

But, when all is well, the critter brain relaxes.  It frees blood to flow up to our creative, cognitive neo-cortex brain. Let’s call this the “heavy hitter brain.”

When you create a safe emotional climate for your team, it relaxes the critter brain and opens up cognitive capacity for the entire enterprise.

Your team is free to share information, collaborate, take reasonable risks, innovate and flourish.  You’ve created a tribe of heavy hitters.

Mental Agility
You may have been managing your cognitie culture, but without an emotional foundation, success is elusive.

(What about deBono’s 6 hats?)

By creating a sense of safety and belonging, you free people’s critter brains from anxieties over sensed danger.

This unleashes a tremendous energy, and our brains let more blood flow to the creative neo-cortex, the seat of creative thinking.  You literally turbo-charge your people’s ability to  contribute.

This create a chain of possibilities that leads to greater curiosity, energy, engagement, collaboration, innovation and, in turn, greater profits and growth

Teamwork Agility
Team building brings people from different backgrounds and creates shared values, experiences and identity.

We help shift your culture from “camps and silos” to a tribe out to make an impact on the world – together

Over time your people will gain the socially flexible to appreciate others and stay aligned.

(Was relationship Agility)

We all know people we avoid at all costs.  They misunderstand you and you misunderstand them.

The agile mood resets those relationships.

The capcity of your company depends on the quality of the relationships between everyone there

In business, resilience helps transform obstacles into solutions and opportunities.  Employees who do this accelerate a culture of innovation in the workplace.”
Charlotte Westerhaus-Renfrow,
 Indiana University Kelley School of Business,

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Your Business is Too Important

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Lead Your People Into The Agile Mood



Accountable and creative.

It engages & excite your people with the spirit of contribution.


When you bring your people into the agile mood,

they think audacious thoughts, find solutions and laugh at adversity.

They work at full spee

The Agile Mood is how companies break through

stuck spots and inflection points


The Agile Mood frees up the CEO’s time to focus on strategy


The Agile Mood – How Do You Know When You Have It?

Your whole team gets into a good mood