About Tony

Create a “Get-it-Done” Culture

In my 35 year business career, I saw it all.
I started as a sales rainmaker, moved into operations, and rose to Senior VP.

I worked for impersonal corporations and  family firms that kept it personal, from the highly profitable to a company I turned around and brought back from the brink.

Then my own life lurched to the brink and I learned the real art of turning it around.

Now I’m on a mission, helping business leaders change their mindsets and go from stuck to elated. To find real success.

I help leaders inspire and bring out the natural creative energy  in their people so that, together, they can take the business up to the next level 

A close call with cancer taught me I had to heal myself and, to do that, I learned the power of our emotions and revealing our inner selves to others

My life depended on me getting it right

Now I share the power of emotional presence between members of executive teams. As successful as I was in business, I am far more successful now 

I share these insights with business leaders who are stuck and want to get it right. When they do, they transform peoples lives and spread more success and fulfillment to others

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The neuroscience of Your Business

Which Moods stall Growth at your BUSINESS ?

Emotional Agility
Positive emotions are consistently associate with better eprformance, quality and customer services – and holds true across roles, industies and organizational levels

Emotional moods are based on a sense of safety.  They influence employee satisfaction, teamwork and such hard measures as financial performance and absenteeism.

When managers gloss over emotional culture, they gloss over a vital part of what makes people tick.

Mental Agility
Many companies now manage their cognitie culture, but without e=the emotional layer, cognitive excellence is not possible.  When you create a foundation of safety and belonging, you can turbo-charge everyone’s mental contributions.  A tremendous energy is released when our brains are able to stop scanning for danger in the environment and fully trust their surroundings and tribe.

This create a chain of possibilities that leads to greater curiosity, energy, engagement, collaboration, innovation and, in turn, greater profits and growth

Social Agility
There’s a vital shift from when we see coworkers and think “they are so different” to saying to ourselves “we are, in so many ways, just the same.” Over time people become socially flexible and can easily shift perspectives and stay aligned with one another.
Creative Agility
The agile mood establishes a climate of trust, safety and belonging, so that everyone feels free to express their perspectives, feelings and ideas.  This opens up new dimensions of creative expression.
The difference that makes a differnce
In anything you seek to do, there are typically half a dozen things that make 80% of the difference. Focus on those things.