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Raves & Testimonials for
Leo Angart and his Vision Training Program


This is a remarkable and heart-felt story. Fredrik's childhood surgery distorted his vision, but no one - not his parents, not his teachers, not even Fredrik, ever noticed that his struggles were on due to his eyes.  


  • "I learned a lot and enjoyed Leo's humour throughout. Knowing "how" to improve my vision fullfils my belief that I don't need glasses."

    "The workshop has been excellent mingled with a great sense of humour. I go away with tools to achieve my ideal of no longer needing glasses. "

    “ The course is amazing. On the second day I saw people who had excitedly practiced their homework the night before, and their sight had increased several diopters! Plus the presenter makes it good fun.”

    Workshop Participant, Australia 
  • "I no longer have any use for my reading glasses.  Such a useless expense.  I have used them only twice since buying them."

                   Dyords Javier, Mailla, Phillipines

    "I did Leo Angart's vision training in 2004. At the time I was wearing bifocals and had a significant astigmatism problem. I had worn glasses for over fifty years. I am an author of 14 books. This meant I spent may hours at my computer and continue to do so.

    "I found that during the workshop my astigmatism was significantly less, and after about 6 months I decided to bury my glasses.

    "The time I now spend looking after my eyes is far less then the time I use to spend looking for my glasses!"

    Dr. Ysaiah Ross

  • "Finally, a workshop that actually lives up to what it promised.”


    A Participant at our Workshop

    "The stuff the optician won’t tell you!

    "Leo Angart is an inspirational author and teacher and - after 30 years - my prescription is being reduced (rather than increased). Leo has inspired me to appreciate and exercise my eyes daily and the results are amazing. Just as I’ve always thought there really is a natural solution to everything!"

               - Janey Lee Grace, Author, 
     "Imperfectly Natural Woman"

Matthew, Lowel High, San Francisco

Matthew attended Leo's workshop while attending Lowel High School.
Hear what he thought of the program

Mel, San Francisco

Listen to this Software company vice president as he describes how pleased he was to  discover that visual acuity does NOT need to decline with age, and how he improved his vision dramatically even before the workshop was over.

Karen San Francisco

This photographer, who depends on her eyesight for her work, was finding she had to get stroger and stronger perscriptions each year. Over the course of the weekend, she found she could decrease the effect of her astigmatism and replace her glasses with over-the-counter reading glasses.

As described by Dr. Norman Doidge in his bestselling book "The Brain's Way of Healing: Remarkable Discoveries from the Frontiers of Neuroplasticity"

"My wife & I took a two-day seminar with the natural-vision specialist Leo Angart, who uses Bate's and related techniques to improve sight. In two days, between our four eyes, we were able to drop our prescriptions 3/4 diopter per eye, on average. (A diopter is a measure of how much a lens bends light). Up to this point, our prescriptions had tended to increase every few years, but we stopped that process cold and began to reverse it. After that workshop, my wife and I both wear the prescriptions we wore fifteen years ago.

"Angart had read about the hypnosis of a man who underwent age regression and re-experienced early childhood memories. Surprisingly, the client began to see as he had as a child, before he needed glasses. Apparently, under hypnosis, the high tonus of his eye muscles radically relaxed. In a moment of inspiration, John Grinder, the hypnotist, brought him back to normal consciousness with the suggestion that he awaken with the clear eyesight of childhood. After that, Angart realized that the claims of Bates might have merit and was able to train himself to dispense with glasses, after having required them for over twenty-five years."

Holly, Utah

Holly was surprised how fast she got results, and says the program is an investment in yourself.  Her confidence increased as a result of not having to wear her glasses, and the program helps you improve the quality of life.

Endorsements from Toronto, Canada

Watch a variety of our Toronto attendees describe their experiences with Leo's program in this collection of video reflections

Australians share their  Impressions

Two inspiring stories from Leo's workshops in Australia. Ysaiah Ross, a PhD author who has written 14 books,  wore thick eyeglasses from the age of 6.  He successfully threw away his glasses at age 66.  Another participant, Yvonne, tells how she has come back to take the program again after halting the need for stronger and stronger prescriptions.    

Manila Seminar Reflections

Four testimonials from the seminar in Manilla


  • “I very much like this book; it is the best of its kind, written by an author who combines scientific knowledge with lifelong experience and common sense. It is very important to let people know that there is a way besides evidence based medicine, which could support classic intervention given that so many people suffer from unsuccessful treatment.”

    Alexander Raditschnig
    MSc Optometry
  • "Angart gets you to see yourself as the authority figure in your own life. He encourages you to bring in lots of positive energy around your own responsibility of one’s own clear vision.

    He expands and wakes up the traditional approach to vision, and asks you to break free from identifying with your current vision and step back to ask instead,  'why am I creating this form of eyesight?'

    The good news is that I have stopped relying on wearing glasses for the entire day. I have built up time in the day where instead I take them off, warm up with the energy exercise and feel more empowered. I am not 20:20 yet, but I'm on target. For me, it’s an empowerment book, light yet technical, playful yet serious. Yes, the book is a gift of visual independence.

    In summary,  this book gave me two points. Where am I now and where do I want to get to? It gives lots of easy to follow drills. Great visuals, too.

    Deborah Rose, 
    Hypnotherapist and Senior Lecturer
  • "This book really does offer the opportunity to read again without glasses. At first I thought this was a fanciful idea but the book clearly and eloquently gives evidence to back up the claim. It debunks many of the myths around eyesight which, unfortunately, most people see as true. Having the book and DVD together is great as it offers the next best thing to going to an actual workshop. Even through the exercises are easy to follow they are still very effective. The book and DVD leave you more information about your specific vision condition, with practical steps as to how to improve it.”

    “If you are prepared to do the exercises in a non-judgemental way (i.e. by asking how can my eyes improve without laser surgery?) you will definitely reap the benefits.”

    “I highly recommend this book to anyone.”

    Anthony Barret
    (Co-Developer of Sleepora)


  • This is powerful stuff which should be taught in schools – rather than carting kids off to the opticians to condemn them to a life behind glasses.

    My son has been using Leo’s exercises for the past couple of years and has, by doing so, gone to the point where he is learning to drive, glasses free. This thoroughly vindicates our belief in Leo’s methods.

    I urge everyone who wants to solve their eyesight problems to try Leo’s methods. Attending his workshop is by far the best way of doing this but, If this isn’t possible, Leo has written 3 books covering his methods"
    Crown House Publishing, UK

  • "Thanks, Leo, can't wait to get home and start my son on the exercises."

    “ Quite an an eye-opener. Amazing results within such a short span of time."

    "Useful to motivate Janelle and convince her that it can be done.  Janelle liked the alphabet exercise best of all. I liked the information provided and the eye chart exercises. I would recommend the workshop. Useful knowledge for the whole family. ”

    J. Chang, 
    Mother, Singapore

  • “Leo Angart is a vision artisan who has been immensely helpful to both my children (and me). Magic Eyes is a treasure trove of knowledge that Leo has study and hands-on experience. He has developed techniques that rapidly correct visual accumulated over years of afflictions from which children (and adults) suffer; thus restoring normal vision naturally.”

    Russell Park-Miller,


    “Our son has gone from having +6 glasses to not needing glasses at all today. It’s amazing! I’m starting to really understand that this is for real – that it really works.”

    Erika Finnström


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